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I am Helen, and this is my Blog. I will share with you guys about my personal tips and recommendations about my day to day experiences.

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Who Am I?

I grow up in the beautiful Orange County, CA and that is where I live today. I graduated from the art-institute and i have a diploma in interior design, Which is my main Job in this time.  I volunteered in the Peace Corp between the years 2015-2017 and lived at that time in Peru. In my time in Peru i discovered an amazing country with amazing people  and even more amazing history, The food was amazing and not processed and plastic like as i have been used my entire life.

Why Machu Picchu?

Sometimes in your life you get to a place that you know that will stay in your heart for ever. For me that is Machu Picchu. An Amazing place with the most amazing virgin Nature that just lives a mark in life.

Machu Picchu

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