Design Your House Exterior and make your neighbors jealous

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my new garage door

A house is a place where we spend most of our time. How it looks really matters. Particularly, in today’s materialistic world, where people judge everything and everyone by appearances, it has become more important to maintain your house. Although it is good to decorate your home from the inside, what is more important is to make the outlook attractive. It is rightly said that the first impression is the last impression. No matter how beautiful and well-decorated your rooms are and how expensive furniture and interior you have, if your house does not look good from the outside, it will have a very bad impact. 

Whether you own a small or big house, there are many simple yet effective things that you can do to make the outlook more beautiful. The better it looks; the more people appreciate your taste. If you also want to enhance the curb appeal of your place, we have got your back.  

Following are some very helpful tips for making your place look better and more attractive. 

First and foremost thing that you should remember to improve your house’s curb appeal is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Be more creative, use your aesthetic sense and you can simply make a difference in a more affordable way. 


  • New Front & Garage Door

A new garage door sometimes can set a new look to your entire front of your house. Let’s not forget sometimes the garage door can be a third or even more of the front of your house so a new beautiful garage door and front door can defiantly upgrade your cube appeal… 

Recently I changed my garage door with “Door Masters USA” and I was very happy with results.( see below)  they offer a bunch of Quality Garage Door Repair Services In Orange County  


my new garage door

Door Masters USA

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Focus on your Landscape and Front Door. These two should be your center of attention if you want to make your place look more beautiful with minimum investment. For instance, you should trim the sidewalks properly and keep the pathway clean. Besides, power wash of the sidewalks would also be good to keep them clean.  Moreover, you should pay special attention to cleaning the walls as well. Make sure that the windows and shutters are all properly cleaned.  

Check if the paint is scraping off the door or windows. Fix it as soon as possible if you want to make them look flawless.  If your front door is old and worn out, you can replace it with a better one. And if its paint is peeling off, you can repaint it. You can change the color and make it look just like a new one to give a fresh look. 


  • House Numbers 

Adding well-designed house numbers to the front would be great. You can use an attractive nameplate as well. It is all up to you which style you choose. Make sure what you select goes in line with the surrounding theme. 


  • Lighting 

This one makes a huge impact. You can use the hanging lights as well as the dangling effect looks very appealing. If you don’t have enough budget, you can simply change the bulbs it will make a noticeable difference as well. The lights will not only make your house clearly visible at night, it will make it more attention-grabbing. 


  • Final Verdict 

You don’t need to have to spend too much in order to make your house more attractive from the outside. Just some regular maintenance and simple yet effective changes would do the work and none of these require a huge amount of money.   

Chimca Peruvian Restaurant – Stanton,CA

Chimca Peruvian Restaurant

Chimca- Best Peruvian Restaurant Orange County

Hi Everyone ! Today i will share with you guys an amazing Peruvian restaurant Orange County

Chimca Peruvian Restaurant,  prepares several Special specials, like rachi, BBQ tripe marinaded with ruddy aji panca peppers Which are long-cooked weekend meals consisting of olluquito ($ 11.95), shredded beef with tiny, unsafe Andean potatoes; and also carapulcra, a stew with touches of peanut and also garlic.

Thirst quenchers consist of Inca Kola and also Kola Inglesa ($ 2 each); trademark name regardless of, they’re fruity as well as uncaffeinated. A lot of treats likewise provide from the fridge, consisting of a delicious crema volteada ($ 5), or flan.

A comparable Sea combination bedecks tallarin saltado de mariscos ($ 14.95)– fundamentally, pastas as well as fish and shellfish stir-fried in light soy sauce, dramatized by curving crab legs.

“LET’S pursue Peruvian!” does not rather have the ring of a supper invite for Italian or chinese. As is significantly clear, Peruvian food– whose native potatoes, chili peppers and also fish and shellfish have actually been supplemented by components and also changed by cooking strategies from numerous nations, China as well as Italy consisted of– has much to use past rotisserie poultry.

You may start with Chimca Peruvian Restaurant papa a la huancaina ($ 6), pieces of steamed potato overloaded by spicy, velvety cheese sauce. A lighter yet just as sharp sauce outfits aji de gallina ($ 12), shredded hen.

The fry chef reveals an ingenious touch with jalea ($ 15), loaded with squid, corvina and also shrimp. Chaufa de mariscos ($ 14), fish and shellfish fried rice tinted with soy sauce, is much more extensive, however could be overcooked. To accompany it, there’s chicha morada ($ 8 a bottle), a soda made from purple corn.

Peruvian restaurant Orange County
Peruvian restaurant Orange County

Ring-shaped fritters called picarones ($ 7) are the very best treat, though specifically just what tastes their delicately spiced syrup stays an enigma.

It offers a half-dozen ranges of ceviche ($ 12.95 to $14.95), many of which, in conventional design, equilibrium the sharp marinate with wonderful potato, along with onion and also oversize bits of corn. Peruvian food preparation, nonetheless, controls the expense of price. You may start with papa a la huancaina ($ 6), pieces of steamed potato overloaded by spicy, velvety cheese sauce. The gently spiced bird could be adorned as you please– probably with salchipapas ($ 4), chopped sausage atop french fries, or with causa disadvantage camaron ($ 9), layers of trendy mashed potato with shrimp salad and also avocado.

Tiradito ($ 13), thin-sliced corvina in a swimming pool of appetizing sauce, asks for a beverage. Warique requires with beer, wine and also mixed drinks, a number of tensed with the brandy called pisco.

Subjected block and also planet tones established the scene for Peruvian artists that do on Friday nights The Place

Peruvian food preparation at Chimca Peruvian Restaurant, nevertheless, controls the expense of price. Rocoto pepper sauce as well as an amuse-bouche of cancha, salted baked corn, are provided by your web server, simply as lotion and also sugar would certainly be.

As is significantly clear, Peruvian food– whose aboriginal potatoes, chili peppers and also fish and shellfish have actually been supplemented by components as well as changed by cooking methods from lots of nations, China and also Italy consisted of– has much to supply past rotisserie poultry.

An off-note may occur from the twin dining-room, linked just by walkway as well as kitchen area; once, my eating buddy and also I got here separately as well as puddled our thumbs on different sides. When your celebration is set up, nevertheless, points could be established aright by a public roast poultry ($ 12). The slightly spiced bird could be equipped as you please– probably with salchipapas ($ 4), sliced up sausage atop french fries, or with causa disadvantage camaron ($ 9), layers of trendy mashed potato with shrimp salad and also avocado.

Various other meals consist of tallarin verde ($ 14), or Peruvian pesto pasta, as well as lomo saltado ($ 16), a soy-sauced sauté of beef, tomato as well as onions offered over french fries. The significant jalea ($ 22) is a deep-fried pile of squid, shrimp, mussels, corvina and also yuca crowned with bits of pleasant corn, toppling as if from an Inca holy place.

Chicama Peruvian Restaurant 

6959 Cerritos Ave, Stanton, CA 90680